Inclusive Education

An inclusive education system is a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates acceptance of, and belonging for, all students - regardless of their backgrounds, needs or abilities. It is founded on the belief that all children can learn and reach their full potential given opportunity, effective teaching and appropriate resources. Inclusive learning is more than just placement of a student - it is about participating, belonging, being engaged in the learning process, and being welcomed and embraced in the classroom.

Behaviour and Academic Strategies Class (BASC)

Our Behaviour and Academic Strategies Classroom (BASC) is designed to support the development of both positive behaviours and social skills. With a focus on increasing student capacity for problem solving, self-regulation and emotional well-being, this program has a low student-to-staff ratio. The focus on literacy and numeracy is supported by the creation of individual positive behaviour support plans and individual program planning for each student. BASC also includes targeted teaching in the area of social/emotional skills and self-regulation.

BASC is offered for students in Grades 2-6.